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Clint Grimes (CDR, USN, Retired)

Clint Grimes (CDR, USN, Retired)


Clint brings 25 years of experience from the U.S. Navy and 24 years serving on Long Beach Police Department.

Clint earned his commission from Navy Officer Candidate School in 1985.  He was assigned to USS Mount Vernon and while onboard the ship brought the first three hovercrafts to the West Coast from Florida during the Panama Canal. The Mount Vernon also deployed to the Persian Gulf in 1997-88, during the Iran-Iraq War in response to the USS Stark being hit by an Iranian Exocet missile.


Clint left active duty in 1989 into the inactive reserve only to affiliate with the active reserve in 1992 with Naval Control of Shipping DET119. In 1999, LCDR Grimes was selected to be the Commanding Officer Fleet Technical Support Center Pacific DET A.  In 2001 Clint was transferred to Commander Naval Forces Korea and where he served as a department head and was promoted to commander.  At CNFK Clint made 10 trips to the Korean Peninsula in his his role of an exercise planner.


In 2004 Clint was transferred to Naval Coastal Warfare Squadron 34 where served as head of several departments finally landing at training department head slot, responsible for the training of the four units and the staff that made up the squadron, a total of approximately 270 people.  The squadron deployed to Kuwait in 2006-07 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom/Enduring Freedom.


After returning from deployment, Clint was transferred to NAVAL CONTROL AND GUIDANCE FOR SHIPPING DELTA where he was a shipping control team leader. CDR Grimes was the Naval Liaison Officer for the Operations Officer (Rear Admiral) USS Fleet Forces in April 09 during MAERSK Alabama highjacking.  Clint retired from the Naval Service in October of 2009. 

Clint served in multiple roles within the Long Beach Police Department including as a patrol officer (4 years), patrol sergeant (10 years), SWAT Negotiator (9 years), and is a founder of LBPD Mental Evaluation Team (10 years).

In his role as President, Clint is responsible for the foundation’s communication and implementation of the mission and overall direction. Clint holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Villanova University, and a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Hope International University.

Clint is married to his wife of 37 years and has 3 grown children.

Two of his sons serve in Fire services.

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