Risen Warriors


Dr. Christine Choe

Dr. Christine Choe

Director of Clinical Operation

As the Clinical Director, Dr. Choe is responsible for providing clinical leadership and policy direction for all treatment programs, and for supervising all administrative and professional staff. Dr. Choe is a licensed Clinical Psychologist who has spent the majority of her 20 year career working with first responders and military personnel. Her expertise in mental health management on high profile mass casualty incidents has been sought out by the Department of Homeland Security as well as law enforcement agencies nationwide. In 2006, Dr. Choe was appointed as the Department Psychologist for the Long Beach Police Department. In 2011 she managed the mental health response for the deadliest mass killing in Orange County. In 2012 she managed the aftermath of ICE’s workplace violence involving a shootout.

Dr. Choe has been a regular guest correspondent to major news networks such as CBS, KCAL and CNN. She was also a contributing writer for the Southern California News Group that distributes online and print news to 8.1 million Californians. Dr. Choe was an adjunct professor at UC Irvine, Irvine Valley College and currently teaches at Cypress College. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband, a retired United States Navy Intel Officer, their son and two dogs.

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