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Janelle Layug

Janelle Layug

Advisor / Daughter of Navy Veteran

Janelle is a daughter of a Navy veteran and was born in Manila, Philippines, as her dad was on deployment. Her father served as a dedicated corpsman in the U.S. Navy, and all of his brothers were also in the Navy, making the military a service family tradition. During his service he took on different roles and billets all around Japan and Southern California. Janelle spent much of her upbringing in Japan, an experience that instilled in her a profound appreciation for diverse cultures and a strong sense of independence. This taught her values of discipline, resilience, strong work ethic, and adaptability, enabling her to thrive in the unique environments of military bases and the adult world she faces today. 

At 16, Janelle grew a love for working with active duty service members and veterans so she began volunteering and working at Naval Hospitals in Japan.She assisted in various capacities, providing support to veterans and gaining valuable insights and experiences into healthcare. At 18, Janelle left Japan which she considered home, to pursue higher education. She attended Vanguard University, earning a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Kinesiology Pre-Health with minors in Biology, Chemistry, and Theology all while working multiple full-time jobs. During her undergraduate years, Janelle continued to volunteer at local clinics, further honing her skills and reinforcing her commitment to healthcare in different aspects. 

After graduating with her Bachelor’s in May of 2024, Janelle automatically continued to advance her education by now pursuing a Master’s degree of Science in Biotechnology. She remains eager to merge her knowledge of physical health with cutting-edge scientific advancements, aiming to make significant contributions into the industrial biopharmaceutical production industry. Her unique background, marked by a strong blend of military discipline, cultural richness, and academic excellence, continues to guide her towards making an impactful future for her community and giving back to Veterans.

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