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Dr. Lucas Dyer

Dr. Lucas Dyer

Dr. Lucas Dyer is a Marine Corps Combat Veteran, who spent 16 years as a Marine and six years as a Terrorism Analyst for the Department of Defense. For several years thereafter, he was the Senior Program Manager of Learning and Development for Amazon where he oversaw the development and planning process for over 400 Amazon warehouses and 4000 mid-level leaders. Currently, he runs a financial planning practice where he works with small business owners, high net-worth professionals, and military Veterans to help bring them financial independence.

Lucas has numerous professional publications including a book about his experiences leading Marines in combat while serving in Afghanistan. Residing in sunny Southern California; with a Doctorate from the University of Southern California, a Combat Veteran, published author, and proud father of two incredible kids, as well as a business owner, he has done enough for himself and gives back as much of his time as he can to help anyone who is willing to listen.

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