Risen Warriors


Tom Thompson

Tom Thompson

Pastoral Care Director

Tom has served as a substance abuse clinician and pastor in the drug and alcohol recovery field for 20 years. Tom has held positions in both non-profit and philanthropic organizations. In addition, he has had a career serving as publisher and literary agent to authors. Tom has 15 years sobriety, as he entered lasting recovery, his prayer was to devote the rest of his life sharing the good news of recovery from addiction and mental illnesses. Tom set out to earn certification and became case manager and recovery pastor at Covenant Hills treatment Centers, Inc. Utilizing his skills as counselor, facilitator and spiritual director, Tom brings to individuals and families a message of hope and encouragement. When asked why he continues, he states, “I’m hooked on the miracle

Tom has been married to his wife Linda for 54 years. He has two grown children, and three grandchildren. Tom’s hobbies include writing, and spending time with his three gorgeous grandchildren.

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